In Greenyway we fight because the impact of our actions on this planet will be the minimum possible. With this desire, we know that recycling is good, but it's better to reuse. But even if we reduce, that is the best that we avoid produce, generate, consume or discard.

With this spirit, using reusable instead of disposable plastic bottles, is a big difference for the environment. So whenever you are using a Greenybottle, you are contributing to this cause.

It is difficult, if not impossible, calculate exactly how beneficial being our initiative. But we have estimated that the number of bottles could be based on the number of sold Greenybottles. And they must be more than 750,000.

We can only say:

Many thanks to all!

And the best of all, is that day-by-day, minute-by-minute this number continues increasing, thanks to your efforts.

Number of disposable plastic bottles, which we have avoided with the Greenybottles (so far):

(*) Estimation assuming a bottle per day, and sold Greenybottle.