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Greenyway: Healthy and Eco Products

Bottles for you:

  • Some plastics disolve BPA (carcinogenic) in the content.
  • Steel bottles do not dissolve any harmful substance and its polypropylene CAP is completely safe.
  • Functional design. Easy to carry, lossless and can drink without tilting it.
  • Wide mouth makes cleaning and filling be very easy, can even introducing ice.

Bottles for the planet:

  • Disposable containers are causing thousands of tons of waste plastics a year.
  • These residues take hundreds, and even thousands of years to decompose.
  • It drastically reduces the amount of resources, energy and waste.
  • As it is impossible to reduce the impact to zero; during the purchase process is will give you the possibility of collaborating with the compensation program.

Bottles for all:

  • The Greeny Bottle shows a strong ecological message, using it you are doing important work. Use it at home, at school, in the gym, mountain or doing your favourite sport; and you'll be creating community.
  • Would you like to get more involved? Join the affiliate program and take advantage of important benefits.
  • You have any idea or proposal to us, contact us!

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