Greenyway caps buying guide

At Greenyway we want to respond to the needs of all our customers. As there is not exist a perfect cap that serves for all applications, we have different models and certainly some of them adapts to the use you want to give. All our bottles come with the included Cap, the cap included is the same that you could see in the catalog pictures.

You can order the other plugs additionally.


Notice: These caps are compatible for bottles purchased from the year 2014, inclusive.


A cap for every situation

  Straw Cap Nozzle Cap Sport Cap Loop Cap
Comfort It is the most comfortable to drink. It is not necessary to tilt the bottle since it is the only one that has an internal straw for sipping. Easy to open and close. It also has an air intake valve, to be able to drink for continuous operation. Quite convenient to open and close, although we must tilt the bottle to drink. Does not have valve so you must let the air enter. You can open it biting with your mouth, useful to only open it with one hand. You have to tilt the bottle to drink. Does not have valve so you must let the air enter. It is necessary to remove it fully to be able to drink. There are who prefer you others since they like to drink directly from the wide mouth bottle, as if it were a glass or cup.
Closing It does not guarantee to be completely free of leaks in any situation. More leak-free. Leak-free in any situation and more robust. The most robust of all. It is a bomb-proof plug, won't ever lose water and endure any shock or use you want to give.
Children Very easy for children. Easy for children. They can drink, but you must open and close the cap for them. More complicated. Only for older children.