Frequently asked questions

On the Greeny Bottles

Why do we want to put an end to plastic bottles?

There are two important reasons why we do away with PET plastic bottles:

  1. They may not be reused. They are designed for a single use and if we reuse them, dissolve a substance called Bisphenol classified as a carcinogen. This degradation of plastic takes place especially by action of exposure to light.
  2. They are highly polluting. Most of the bottles just in landfills or in the natural environment, where it takes hundreds and even thousands of years to decompose completely... It is true that recycling can be, but even in this case this process manufacturing, transportation to shop, purchase, storage, transport to home, transportation to the recycling center, recycling itself same... consumes a lot of resources and especially energy.

All steel cylinders and aluminum are same?

Absolutely not, 304 stainless steel bottles are just that: bottle of top quality steel. Steel is an unalterable material and does not dissolve any substance in water containing. Aluminium dissolves slowly in water, and is for this reason that aluminum bottles are treated with an epoxy coating (or other) inside, i.e.: is as if they really were plastic on the inside.

Steel is also much more resistant than aluminium denting easily.

What is suitable for the Greeny Bottles maintenance?

To receive them, just a normal wash with SOAP and water to remove possible dirt which has accumulated during storage or transport.

Then simply rinse or wash them in a normal manner. You will discover as easily cleaned, thanks to its large wide mouth.

They can be washed in the dishwasher?

In principle they can be washed in the dishwasher, we've done it without any problem. Although not recommended, the dishwasher is very aggressive with exterior paint, and the look of your bottle will deteriorate more quickly. Although the functionality is still perfect.

What is the 304 stainless steel?

It is quality steel used in the majority of kitchen utensils. That is the same as Cookware.

Steel is an alloy (mixture of different metals) based on iron and other elements. There are different types of steel, 304 steel is an alloy of iron, chromium and nickel (18% and 8%).

My straw sucks not well, what can I do?

It is important that you check that the straw is correctly inserted into the CAP. The straw can be it can be disassembled for easy cleaning, and can sometimes be insufficiently introduced into the CAP.

It is also important that when you rotate the spout of the CAP to drink do it until the end. It is not necessary to make special force, but if you take it to the top. If not the aguero's output does not fit well, and not sorberás properly.

Why does noise to sipping?

The plug has a small hole for air intake in the bottle and that is comfortable to drink. This hole is very small so not much water comes out if you tip the bottle. Being so small if it cries with much energy, you can make a little noise that is completely normal.

I have a question and don't know how to solve it

Get in touch with us at, and we will be happy to help as much as possible.

About the purchase process

I had a problem when I received my order, what can I do?

At Greenyway we work hard to serve the best quality and service possible orders, but we are not infallible. If upon receiving your order find a problem; Please contact us at

Have no doubt that we will resolve the incidence in the best possible way.

If you would like I can return my products?

Our commitment is 100% satisfaction, so if you are not fully satisfied with them to receive your products, you can return it during the next 7 days. Once we receive the merchandise, we will make the refund.

I have a group discount, but the global discount has changed until you finalize the entry into force. Is this possible?

The collective countdown cumpleanos have a concrete effect and put a certain percentage. These discounts are cumulative to vacancies and General discounts on the web. But the General discounts may change due to temporary promotions from Greenyway.

The term indicated in the collective promotion is only for the particular part of the collective, not for other discounts and promotions.

In some case may that facilitated the collective brochure comment force General bids at the time of issuance of the collective promotion for informational, but does not guarantee that such general offerings remain in force during all the duration of the collective coupon, i.e. are independent.