I find it interesting, but... how can I do my little bit?

For interested

Join the community of Greenyway. You will participate in an open forum where all views and initiatives have their place.

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This way you will be aware of those "little bits",  that we are proposing to improving  your health and that of planet.

For supporters

You liked what we want from Greenyway, and you want to make even more? Help us, informing us. You can discuss it with your friends, send it via email, post it on social networks, your blog... the more we were recommend, more people will be; and you know... "every little bit really counts".

If you have any initiative (in tune with the values of Greenyway) and want we help you to make it known, don't doubt and write us.

For collaborators

Would you like to contribute even more? Contact us and propose any form of collaboration that you think is appropriate. We are open to any cooperation.

You have no idea, but you would still like to participate? We have some ideas:

  • Visit the projects section, we like our friends to collaborate on them, so we always suggest simple ways in which you can help.
  • Have you a brilliant idea to improve our world? Let know us it, maybe we can start it. The projects that we are starting up, come most suggestions from our contributors.

For activists

Do you think that the best way to change things is to act? Have no doubt that will give you ideas for action from Greenyway. That Yes, always with respect and common sense. We believe that things have to change, but we have to do it right.

Send us photos, reviews of your actions and we'll publish them on the web.


ActionTo make things easier for you, we will put this notice when we propose some action in which you can collaborate.