Take care of our environment does not have to be at odds with our wallet, even many times are gestures of simple common sense. The most important thing is to do our little bits in our routine.
From Greenyway, committed to the health and care of the environment, we want to help raise awareness sharing with you some of these tips to do your little bit.
  1. Shopping: Avoid small size products in small sizes or with multiple packaging: the amount of waste (plastics, sachets, paper...) that generate the foods that are packed individually is multiplied exponentially. Normally, larger size containers have best quantity-price, which eventually compensates.
  2. As much as the circumstances allow you, avoid products of a single use: in most cases they can be replaced by other, reusable bags, refillable bottles... these products will be recover with only some uses.
  3. Recycle: Sounds topical, but solid waste recycling is necessary, the reuse of certain materials also avoid that they end up polluting our countryside, rivers or seas, help to improve the costs of manufacturing new products.
  4. Control water consumption: not wasting water, a shower instead of a bath, install control devices on taps, not forgetting that tank that we know that it loses water are some of the things that make us to save some money.
  5. Replace conventional light bulbs of low consumption lamps: price that has power, is perhaps the most widespread action in these times, electricity production requires the use of a large amount of resources, and unfortunately even the most sources are pollutants, such as coal, oil or gas.
  6. Adjust the contracted power to our regular consumption, rationally use the air conditioning thermostat or heating. Good insulation in doors and windows helps make energy consumption less high to extreme temperatures.
  7. The cheapest energy is that is not consumed, is why it is very important to monitor the so-called phantom consumption, refers to energy consuming electronic devices when they are in standby, or when we stop Chargers connected constantly.
  8. Transport, public or shared: before that car is better and cheaper to walk, use the bicycle or the public or, in any case, the car-sharing transportation. Traffic is the main cause of pollution in our cities today.
  9. Also in the kitchen: place the lid on the pan or the saucepan when cooking, this simple gesture makes heat is retained and thus save energy when cooking every day.
  10. Do not throw the oil used by scour: wiping with a paper napkin used oil we get spend less water, less detergent and in addition pollute less water from our rivers, will be much less expensive to clean our water purifiers.
  11. Self-sufficiency: If possible, have a small orchard where growing plants of vegetables or vegetables is a great idea as well as manufacturing our own soap, or install solar panels on our roof always will be good choices, although some more expensive than another.